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Historic Home and Window Restoration got into the restoration business when our owner bought his first home in a historic district. Most contractors don't understand how to properly maintain or repair these historic homes, so he researched the proper techniques to do so and completed others' repairs.

Our owner's neighbors took notice of his work and then from there he began to help them on their projects. At this time, someone from the city took notice and he was invited to become a member of the Historic Preservations Commission to help oversee the projects in and around the town.

Historic guidelines

After becoming a member of this commission, he learned more from architects to follow the historic guidelines to complete a historic home restoration.


He then helped to do some seminars through the city of Aurao in order to help people understand the best way to complete their own window repairs.

20 years of experience

Sometime after working with others through his seminars, he opened Historic Home and Window Restoration and had it incorporated in 2006.


He then trained his crew with the proper skills and techniques to complete restoration jobs so that we could meet the historic requirements.

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