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Historic Home and Window Restoration

You Can Have Your Old Doors Repaired!

At Historic Home and Window Restoration, we custom build your doors with any type of wood, such as Oak, Cherry, Birch, or Mahogany. Imagine a door that is beyond repair - we can rebuild the door from scratch so that it looks like a new door that was built 100 years ago. You can get a door that is new and energy-efficient.

No matter why you need an old door repaired, whether somebody kicked in a door or it was damaged by fire, there are many cases in which doors need to be repaired down to the door frame. With years of use, hardware striker plates may also need replacements and we also offer threshold replacements.

Full restoration of all doors

  • Entry doors

  • Interior doors

  • Pocket doors

  • French doors

  • Louvre doors

  • Arch doors

Weatherization of older doors

We can add art glass on exterior doors to your request. Our team can also install insulated glass as well as provide weather stripping and new hardware.

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